CHAIKA’S FLIGHT is the club that unites all those who love Chaika automobiles.


  • Eliminating blank spots in the history of GAZ-13 and GAZ-14 Chaika with the help of joint efforts.
  • Boosting the image of Chaika automobiles at the international level, as they deserve.


  • Finding historical evidence related to Chaika automobiles (archival documents, photographs, memoirs of GAZveterans, etc.)
  • Promoting and improving the image of Chaika automobiles in the world today (analysis and publication of historical research, artifacts, etc.)
  • Stimulating interest in Chaika automobiles among young people.
  • Exchanging information within the community.
  • Providing information support to the community. All members are eligible to receive free electronic copies of the parts catalog and operating instructions for GAZ-13 and GAZ-14 Chaika and other special literature.
  • Creating a general register of all surviving Chaika automobiles, even though we realize that this is not an easy task and not a matter of several years.

According to various unconfirmed documentary sources, there still exist about 250-350 GAZ-13 automobiles, i.e., about 10% of the total number of these cars produced, which is a very small number indeed.The data about the existing GAZ-14 Chaika is not available. Moreover, there are no clear records of factory modifications.

Today, automobile clones assembled from unmarketable, warehoused, and, to some extent,newly made parts are not of any historical value. Thus, together we care about the authenticity and historical value of our Chaika automobiles. After all, every automobile of this classis a unique and unrepeatable history of personal and geographical names.

Requirements and conditions for joining the club CHAIKA’S FLIGHT:
You must tell a story of your GAZ-13 or GAZ-14 Chaika, or of any other existing or already nonexistent automobile of these two models. The story can be written in any form. It is possible to include a history of your relationship or to describe your first meeting with the Chaika (how it started), your attitude to this car. However, most importantly, your story should include historical information, one or more current and/or old (historical) photos of the car. Photos of underhood nameplatesare welcomedasone of the most important and key points. In the near future, the club is planning to open a virtual museum of the underhood nameplates of GAZ-13 and GAZ-14 Chaika. In the absence of photos of underhood nameplates, it is desirable to provide the year of production, the engine and bodynumbers, USSR license plates, if available. In the future, it will allow comparing the year of production with body and enginenumbers and may help to determine the number of automobiles produced in each year and the degree of preservation of the existing vehicles. If we do it, we all will enjoy spending time together!

We understand that not everybodypossesses good writing skills. It will not become an obstacle in communication within the community. Therefore, if you need support in drawing up a short story about your favorite Chaikaautomobile, you can turn to us with such a request by writing to the email address [email protected].

If you want, your story will not be published on the website, but you must still submit it to us, since it is the only requirementfor joining the club.

In December of each year,there will be a contest for the best story published on the websiteabout the Chaika automobile. The winner of the contest will be determined by community members through a direct vote. The winner of the first competition will receive the book THE CHAIKA’S FLIGHT with the autograph of the author.

In the future,all community members can take advantage of a 10% discount on the publications of the club.